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Ignite Your Engine To Become Fully In Command Of Your Train Station

By the time you have use of this technology, the key you hold in the palm of your hand will be a golden key. Doff your engineer’s cap to your new dcc command station because within minutes of installing it and switching the metaphorical engine on, it will be all systems go, all stations or express, as you will your hobby train station forward. The command station is not entirely a new form of technology for hobbyists.

It has been around the block a few times before. It’s just that it passed the stations of so many hobbyists, so quickly it was hardly ever noticed. You were one of them. Many of you did not even know the technology existed. And then there are those. There are those of you who were aware of it. So engrossed in your work were you all. But the little R & D work you could get done appeared to be fruitless.

dcc command station

There were those archaic journals that you spent months waiting for in the past. The snail mail, sometimes it never even arrived. Yes, they are saying that in some countries. The post never arrives. And neither does the train. Can you believe that? It’s been a metaphor for how it all used to be for you in the past. There were no local specialists nearby that you could rely on. And submitting requests via your hobby periodical was a case of fingers being crossed.

The new attachments arrived, or they did not. Time is running out. The next train is due to arrive any minute now. Let that be your train. A golden caboose of all the expertise and gadgetry is waiting for you, right at your fingertips.